Steven & Vicki Beck

Together, this husband-wife team have more than 50 years of entertainment experience ranging from feature film and award-winning commercial direction to groundbreaking educational product development. They share a passion for storytelling involving rich immersive worlds populated with compelling characters.

TerraTopia and Keepers of Koru, hold a special place in their hearts. The award-winning epic fantasy got its start almost two decades ago and, with time, has transformed, broadened, and deepened to embrace today’s issues and the possibilities new media offers to address such challenges.

Steven (Steve) Beck helmed the movies Ghost Ship and 13 Ghosts. Earlier in his career, he served as the visual effects art director on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, The Abyss and The Hunt for Red October.

Beck-directed commercials have also gained recognition at the AICP show, the Clio Awards, Cannes, the London International Awards, and the International Advertising Awards. Recently, Steve has been active in the international commercial market, turning out projects in Italy, Spain, Turkey, Dubai, and Russia.

Steve is a graduate with honors from Pasadena’s Art Center of Design.

Vicki’s career includes extended stints at several of the world’s leading entertainment companies where she helped develop an original creative property that would become the foundation for a new educational business venture. She also acted as Executive Producer for product lines spanning a range of media including TV, interactive media, print and toys. In addition to numerous film credits, she received recognition for a 1994 Gold CINDY Award, a CINDY Special Festival Award, and one of former President Bush’s 1,000 Point of Lights of Awards for the nation, as a result of projects and programs directed.

From 1992-93, Vicki was a member of the nationwide Arts Partnership Working Group (an appointed task force of 50) responsible for developing recommendations to the U.S. Secretary of Education regarding the role of arts education in core curriculum.

Vicki received her MBA from Stanford University where she also completed her undergraduate studies, earning a BA with distinction in International Relations.



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