Dear Friends,

Tales of TerraTopia is more than a literary adventure, it is a life-changing experience for anyone captivated by the beauty of our planet.

We begin its telling with a rich, episodic fantasy woven of inspiration, compassion, and truth. “Keepers of the Koru”—the latest saga of TerraTopia—isn’t your ordinary tale, but these aren’t ordinary times.

You see, Nature needs us. Now, more than ever. More importantly, Nature needs today’s youth. Which is why TerraTopia is so important.  And unique.

We believe that our core audience isn’t satisfied with passive content anymore. They want to engage their stories, and they want to share them in return. So, in addition to spinning our tale we enhance the TerraTopia experience with social media meant to spur conversation; with games that encourage Nature’s exploration; with images, maps, and sketches that help ignite our reader’s imagination.

We deliver this experience in concert with friends and partners whose missions echo our own, and who offer tangible opportunities to connect with the Great Outdoors.

Our goal?  Simple: to propel our readers from the literary world, to the virtual world, to the natural world, and back again, each step inspiring the next, and all reinforcing TerraTopia’s core message:

It takes many to save a world, but only one to make a difference.

Thank you for supporting this epic undertaking. We hope you’ll fall as much in love with TerraTopia as we have. More importantly, we hope that adoration is transferred to the natural world surrounding us. That is where the true heart of TerraTopia lies.

Finally, now that you’ve heard from us, we’d like to hear from you. About the site, its content, the story we’re telling, the young at heart we’re hopefully inspiring…  Our mailbox is always open: info@terratopia.com.


Steven and Vicki Beck


Friends of the Emerald Flame