Story is Your



Since the first Ticking, when the turning of the Great Clock of Stars began, Earth and TerraTopia have long been entwined. For centuries the twin realms have existed in harmony, the delicate balance between the body and its soul crucial to their co-existence.

But, like a meteor scarring the heavens, prophecy has foreseen a great crisis. The health of Earth would deteriorate, only, unlike a true reflection, our home of TerraTopia would suffer first.

That time is now.

Even as I speak, war envelops Earth’s spirit twin, dividing its people, many challenging their allegiance to your world. With nightmares ravaging the landscape, growing numbers feel if they’re to survive, contact between our dominions must be severed.

Yet the body cannot live without the soul!

If we are to prevent The Falling—the destruction of TerraTopia—you must restore Earth’s balance, its Koru.

Time is short. We of the Emerald Guard have already chosen four of you to join in battle with NightFire, the last of our warriors. But we need more. Armies of those who Nature calls to be Keepers, Keepers of the Koru.  TerraKoru.

Venture across the boundary and become part of this unfolding story. See the world through Nature’s eyes and learn the ways of the Ticking. Witness how many it takes to change a world, but how few it takes to make a difference.

Until then, read hourly, daily, weekly about those who fight for you, for us, for all of Life.

They will need everyone’s hope if our worlds are to survive.

– Sequoia

and the Emerald Guard

A World Needs You